This Artist Used A Pair Of Air Jordans To Paint A Portrait Of Michael Jordan


If you ask any dedicated sneakerhead, a shoe can be a work of art. Sure, no one is going to put a pair of Sketcher’s Shape Ups in a museum anytime soon, but after visiting an exhibit dedicated entirely to sneakers in Brooklyn a couple of years ago, I started to understand why some people stockpile shoes like rich people hoard Picassos.

You can’t talk about sneaker culture without talking about the iconic Air Jordans, the arguably GOAT shoe worn by the arguably GOAT basketball player whose game was basically a work of art in and of itself.

A Chinese artist named Guo Cheng had the brilliant idea to create his own work of art using nothing but paint, a canvas, and a pair of the “Banned” Air Jordan 1s, and the video of his process is absolutely mesmerizing.

[protected-iframe id=”7487ca4fa6af0ed3b7bde0f975aca590-97886205-55047561″ info=”//” height=”678″ class=”apester-media”]

As much as I’m impressed by the final product, I hate watching videos like this because it makes me realize just how much talent I’ll never have. Shout out to Guo Chang for making me feel inspired and disappointed in myself at the same time.


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