Guy Blows Up His Tesla Because He Was Sick Of It Not Working And Getting No Help From The Company

  • A Tesla owner, sick of his car not working and the company’s poor customer service, gave up and decided to just blow up his Model S.
  • Using 60 pounds of dynamite, the Tesla owner blew up the car with a doll made up with Elon Musk’s likeness placed inside it.
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Tesla Model S owner Tuomas Katainen says he has had nothing but trouble with his car. He says that the final straw came when he was forced to have his Tesla, with numerous error codes flashing on the dashboard, towed to a dealership.

After waiting a month (a month?!) to find out what the problems are with his car, the dealership informed Katainen that his Model S needed a new battery pack.

The cost of said battery pack? Oh, just $22,480. Which he would have to pay for. In full. Because his Model S is out of warranty.

So, rather than shell out all that money to Tesla (enough to buy a whole different new car), Katainen decided to just blow the damn thing to kingdom come with 60 pounds of dynamite… as one does… because blowing stuff up is really fun.

He also added a special touch to the proceedings

Also, as an additional show of his dissatisfaction with his Model S, Katainen straps a doll made up in the likeness of Tesla founder and Time’s 2021 Person of the Year Elon Musk into the driver’s seat.

Considering the well below average rating that J.D. Power recently gave Tesla, plus the fact that almost 300,000 Tesla vehicles are being recalled due to a faulty cruise control system, this might truly be the smart move on his part.

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Oh hell yes. We are definitely going to need to see that again, and again…

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