Guy Named ‘Dick’ Got The Best Suggestions For What Hashtag He Should Use For His Wedding Website

Guy Named Dick Got The Best Suggestions For His Wedding Website Hashtag


A guy with the last name “Dick” (how rough was his childhood?) is getting married soon so as he and his fiancee get ready for the big day she asked him if he could help come up with a memorable hashtag for their wedding website.

So, in an effort to make it easier and to come up with something unique, he utilized one of those Married Name Hashtag Generators to give him and his fiancee several ideas because it can’t be easy to find anything that goes with “Dick.” (Insert your own joke here.)

“Ali asked me to help pick a name for our wedding website. I put our info into a name generator. We can’t stop laughing,” he wrote on Facebook, with good reason, as he shared dozens of the horrifying (and completely hilarious) hashtags the generator suggested.


Here are some my personal favorites…

• #AllDickAllTheTime
• #BlessedWithDick
• #BornToBeADick
• #CantGetEnoughDick
• #CrazyAboutDick
• #EveryoneGetDicked
• #ForeverADick
• #GetYourDickOn
• #HailToTheDicks
• #LiveLoveDick
• #LoveGrowsWithDick
• #HowlinForDick
• #TheDickGame
• #TwoHeartsOneDick
• #DickRollingDeep
• #DickInLove

Why yes, I am 12, thank you very much.

Check out the rest of the A++ suggestions Mr. Dick received below.












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