Guy Gets Sweet, Petty Revenge On Woman Who He Found Out Was Only Dating Him For The Free Dinners

Guy Gets Revenge On Woman Who Was Only Dating Him For The Free Dinners


A man who discovered that a woman he was dating was only going out with him for the free dinners got some pretty spectacular revenge.

The guy, who thought he and the woman were hitting it off, was only tipped off to the woman’s plan when a mutual friend shared some text messages from the women which revealed her true intentions.

After meeting at a lifeguard certification course and exchanging numbers and social media info the two messaged each other for a few weeks before going on several casual dates, but never spending any time together at either of their homes.

It was at that point a friend of hers that he also met at the lifeguarding course who he’d kept in contact with dropped him a copy of some texts the woman had sent him.

The guy said this mutual friend sent him the texts because he felt bad for him and that she “does this often to other dudes.”

That’s when he decided to hatch his plan.

“After seeing this, I asked her to go on a nice date with me to a hibachi grill restaurant,” he wrote on Reddit. “$20-$40 dollar plates and premium desserts are served here. I got the most expensive thing they had and so did she. We both got fancy ice cream and multiple refills on drinks. I complimented her a lot and smiled consistently, before getting up to go to the bathroom and leaving. (I was also her ride.)

“About 45 minutes after, I get furious texts from her saying that she had to have her mom come down and pay for it because she didn’t have the money on her and that we were done. I know it’s not a lot and it sucks because I thought she was actually into me but it felt pretty nice leaving her that way.”

He added later in a comment, “Yes, obviously what I did was not morally good and I should’ve just been direct with her or broken it off, but I acted in a moment of spite and hurt. This post wasn’t about doing the right thing or learning anything, I was just getting back at a bitch who was playing me.”

Responders to his tale were almost universally impressed.

“As a woman and just a person in general, she’s awful for leading you on and she completely deserved this. Unfortunately she’ll probably try to spin it to make you look bad,” wrote ellaelle.

“Congrats on dodging the bullet,” wrote oztikS.

“…hats off to you, bud. She also sounds like the kind of person that would be INCREDIBLY embarrassed by getting left like that and having to get bailed out by mommy,” wrote CaptDanneskjold.

“No one is talking about the bro that sent the screenshot. What a good guy!” wrote UnequalSloth.

“That guy is a f***in bro. You dodged a bullet either way mate….” wrote Failociraptor.