Mad Lad Spends Six Grueling Years Attempting To Park In Every Parking Spot At his Favorite Grocery Store

guy spends six years parking in every grocery store spot

iStockphoto / TraceyAPhotos

Have you ever set your mind to something so foolish that the mission itself became the entertainment? Those are the best side quests in life. The adventures you absolutely don’t need to take but you’ve set your mind to it and you’re damn sure to see it through to the end.

My version of this was tracking down and cooking turkey eggs. The eggs from a turkey, not eggs from the country Turkey. It legitimately took me a full decade to find someone selling turkey eggs and I went to countless farmer’s markets along the way. I purchased multiple ostrich eggs and cooked frittatas. I began to convince myself there was a grand conspiracy surrounding turkey eggs and the farmers are hoarding all the ultra-decadent eggs for themselves and honestly, I was mostly correct.

Turkeys lay fewer eggs than chickens so farmers tend to keep them. Turkey eggs also make one hell of an eggs benedict which was the first thing I cooked after FINALLY finding a farmer to sell me a dozen turkey eggs back in February of this year, a decade after I read an article with an excerpt about how NYC steakhouses used to serve them back in the 1800s. I finished my mission, they were delicious, and I respect this Mad Lad who spent six years trying to park in every parking space at his favorite grocery store in England.

The guy published his adventure in a Twitter thread complete with a screenshot of the spreadsheet he kept, a map of the best and worst parking spots, and his strategy for parking in every single spot. Here’s his threat that’s since gone viral on Twitter:

The mad lad did it. It took him six long years of shopping at the same grocery store in Bromley, a city on the Southeast outskirts of London. But he did it.

He set a goal and accomplished it. It didn’t matter to him how foolish the endeavor was. He put forth a plan and saw it to fruition. Now, based on some recent tweets it sounds like he was a guest on a radio show to discuss his parking shenanigans.

This kind of has me wondering what the next exotic egg I can track down is to replace my hunt for turkey eggs.