Guy Stops His Girlfriend In The Middle Of Her Marathon To Propose Marriage, Gets Roasted By Irate Women

Guy Stops Girlfriend Marathon Propose Marriage


A fireman named Dennis Galvin went viral after he proposed marriage to his girlfriend as she was in the middle of running the New York City Marathon this past weekend. Women of the internet were NOT pleased.

Here’s what went down.

Kaitlyn Curran, a nurse, was 10 miles from completing her very first marathon when Galvin, her boyfriend of four years hopped over the barrier (probably not the best idea in today’s climate, especially at a marathon… hello, you’re a fireman), got down on one knee and popped the question.

“People in the race were slowing down to take pictures. It was indescribable just to be there and see it all was amazing,” Galvin’s cousin Kathleen Figueroa, who was there to capture it all on video, told CBS News.

After recovering from the shock of seeing her guy jump on to the race course, Curran shed afew tears, accepted his proposal, got the ring, gave Galvin a hug and told him, “Okay, I have to go finish my race.”

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Curran, who had been training for about a year for the marathon, ended up finishing with a marriage proposal-delayed time of 4 hours and 24 minutes.

When asked why he didn’t wait to propose to her at the finish line, rather than in the middle of the race, Galvin said he wanted to do it at the first Manhattan stop on the route. (Why Manhattan? No idea. They live and met in Jersey City.)

Heartwarming story, right? Before you say yes, check out some of these livid reactions from women on the internet.

Yikes. File this marriage proposal under “DO NOT ATTEMPT,” guys.

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