‘Halloween’ Movie Is So Scary It’s Causing People To Have Anxiety Attacks, Lose Sleep And Nearly Wet Themselves

by 2 years ago

halloween movie

Halloween has been a killer at the box office, making $87,213,220 in less than a week, nearly double what the original Halloween flick made at theaters. The slasher film is not only killing at the box office, but it is also murdering people’s sleep because it is so scary.

Moviegoers are claiming that the new Halloween film starring Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode is so absolutely spine-chilling that it is causing people to have anxiety attacks, lose sleep, and nearly piss their pants. The most recent and most successful Halloween movie in the franchise is allegedly ruining people’s sleep and clean underwear.

Guess this also means that going to the bathroom is out of the question?

Then there was this leak that one girl nearly pissed her pants while watching Michael Myers. Why are people so yellow?

This movie sounds scary, but it’s nowhere nearly as scary as being on a second date with a real chill girl and realizing that what you thought was a fart was something far, far more sinister and messy. That’s genuine terror.

It was only last week when viewers of the Netflix horror series The Haunting of Hill House were having anxiety attacks, losing sleep, and even terror vomiting. Thank goodness that nobody who watched Halloween terror vomited. Yet.


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