Viral Video Shows A Massive Hammerhead Shark Charging A Swimmer In Panama City Beach

hammerhead shark charges swimmer Panama City Beach

iStockphoto / Martin Voeller

  • Viral video from Panama City Beach resort shows a Hammerhead Shark charging a swimmer in shallow water
  • The overhead footage shows the moment the enormous shark turns and swims full speed at a swimmer before backing off
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Sometimes a shark just wants to give you a little bumpy bump to see what you’re all about. I’ve heard and read about countless stories over the years where kayakers or swimmers were ‘bumped’ by a shark.

There’s no way of knowing for certain what the shark is doing in these instances. But the belief is the shark is testing if you or the boat is a turtle or something edible, or it’s possible the shark is firing a warning shot as ‘this is my area’.

We can’t ever ascribe ‘intentions’ to whatever the Hammerhead Shark in this clip is doing because it’s an animal and we’re humans. There’s no way of knowing how a hammerhead ‘thinks’ and what thinking even looks like for that species. We’ll just need to call it as we see it here and what we see is a massive shark charging a swimmer in shallow water. The shark then backs off at the last moment and the water miraculously didn’t turn brown from a nervous swimmer.

This clip has gone viral on TikTok and since taken off on YouTube so here are both versions:


Blow this up so those two girls can see this video. Was filmed yesterday in PCB do your thing tik tok

♬ original sound – Connor Seitz


In my mind, there aren’t a ton of reasons to visit Panama City Beach after they outlawed drinking on the beach during the month of March. But I suppose you could add ‘shark fishing from the beach’ as a reason to hit up PCB these days. I’m just of the mind that there are better and more scenic places in the Florida Panhandle to visit but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion on that.

This video was filmed by Katie Allyson Thomson near the Splash Resort in Panama City Beach last Friday. The background audio you hear is from people who thought they were about to witness a person getting bitten by a huge Hammerhead Shark.

Hammerheads love Florida in the Summer. The water is warm and they can find easy meals. Currently, my part of Florida (greater Tampa Bay area) is getting absolutely crushed by Red Tide and there are thousands and thousands of pounds of dead fish in the water. This has driven the sharks elsewhere when they would normally have stuck around a little longer looking for tarpon.