Hannibal Buress Made A Music Video About His Love For Burritos, Beats, and Sick Whips

You dudes hip to Turo, the service that let’s you rent a bunch of unique cars for a pretty low daily price? Turo is awesome if you, say, are looking for a whip outside the purview of a normal rental car agency. Here in LA, for *about* $130ish a day, you can rent someone’s BMW 7 Series or a Maserati Ghibli.

Anyway, Turo recruited comedy superstar Hannibal Buress for a little Internet spot about his love for burritos, beats, and rad cars. Check out Hannibal’s full list of our favorite cars right here.

I’m all about the restored old-school Ford Bronco beach cruisers. That’s a dream whip.

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