Freestyle Rapper Stops People On Venice Beach Boardwalk And Spits Fire Hotter Than Megan Fox In That Car Scene From ‘Transformers’

Venice Beach California

iStockphoto / libre de droit

Harry Mack is one talented dude. I can confidently say this now after watching a clip of him on YouTube approaching strangers at the Venice Beach boardwalk and asking them to feed him words so he can freestyle rap.

Sure, there were probably countless clips that didn’t make the final cut but that’s not what is most important here. What is important is the man’s brain is moving a million miles a minute as she spits hot fire.

I happened upon this clip this morning after someone tweeted it out. I can’t remember who but if it was you and you’re reading this, my bad, I slept like shit last night because I’ve woken up every night this week from about 2-4am and have been obsessively reading coronavirus updates in the middle of the night and it’s completely destroying my ability to rest. So cut me some slack, will ya?

Let’s check out Harry Mark in Venice Beach:

This clip is phenomenal if you’re into this sort of thing and I love getting the chance to share talented artists with our tens of millions of readers each month so if you ever come across any badass clips/news like this and you think it’s a good fit for BroBible you can always hit me up on Twitter at @casspa or via email at

If you’re looking for more from Harry Mack you can always subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking out on either of the videos in this article including this one in Santa Monica from a while back:

So good.