Hell Has Literally Frozen Over In Michigan And People Can’t Stop Making Jokes

Heaven and Hell Sign

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The origin of the phrase is ‘when hell freezes over’ but we’ve all seen this idiom in many forms. It’s a phrase that’s used to describe something that will never happen. Except, in this instance, it’s actually happened.

The frigid Polar Vortex temperatures that have been crushing the Midwest are the ONLY news story in America this week. You can turn on just about any news program and they’ll be talking about Chicago setting the railway on fire to keep it from sticking or how the temperatures in the Midwest were colder than Antarctica or Alaska.

If you turn to Twitter they’ll be talking about how Hell has officially frozen over. There’s a town in Michigan named Hell.

HELL, Mich. – It’s a cold day in Hell.

Actually, it’s a cold week in Hell. Businesses are shut down for the next couple days and few people are venturing outside.

Wind chills have dipped well below zero, freezing the little town about 15 miles northwest of Ann Arbor. Yes, you read that right: Hell has frozen over.

“It’s a brutal day in Hell. It’s colder than Hell,” said Jerry Duffie, a groundskeeper. (via)

Temperatures in Hell have hit -15 and they aren’t expected to get above freezing and thaw out for quite some time. Hell is officially frozen for the foreseeable future and everyone’s got jokes.

I guess now is the time to finally bet against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, right? It’s high time to check those bucket list items you’ve been saving for ‘when hell freezes over’ and betting against Tom Brady in a big game DEFINITELY qualifies.

Skydiving trip? Book it. Trip to The Bahamas? It’s cold as hell, why haven’t you booked that flight yet? Swimming with great white sharks? Sure. Meth? No, you should never ever do meth.

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