Think You’re Smart? Check Out These 10 Hidden Signs That May Just Confirm You Really Are A Genius

Hidden Signs Youre A Genius


How can you tell if you are a genius? I mean other than the fact that you just obviously are one. No, don’t go using the IQ test or trying to get into MENSA. Pfft, what do they know? They were probably created by someone not nearly as smart as us.

Instead of relying on those totally questionable measures of intelligence to figure out whether or not you are a genius, here are some hidden signs that are actually pretty decent indicators that you could, in fact, be a frickin’ genius.

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Enjoy horrible movies and try to steer clear of the all time classics? Well, good news. According to some researchers at some place with a really long and indecipherable name, if you love trash films, yep, you might be a genius.

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Are you lazy? Would you rather listen to your Netflix TV shows and movies than actually watching them because keeping your eyes open is too much work? That’s right, you too might be a genius.

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Other signs of possibly being a genius are being introverted, being the oldest child, staying up too late at night, being messy, being funny, cursing a lot, not being fashionable, and worrying.

I’ll be damned. I think I might actually be a genius.

Check out the video below which goes into much greater detail on each character trait because I am just way too lazy and tired from staying up late messing with my younger siblings to do any more writing about this subject, dammit.

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