Great White Shark Launches Out Of Water In The Highest Breach Ever Recorded

great white shark breaching surface

iStockphoto / Pieter De Pauw

Two Shark Week regulars just filmed one of the most spectacular great white shark breaches ever recorded.

In fact, the footage from South Africa shot by Andy Casagrande and Dickie Chivell now holds the record for the highest great white shark breach ever filmed.

If ‘breach’ isn’t a familiar term, it refers to the great white shark exiting the water when feeding. In this instance, the shark is going after a high-tech camera being dragged behind the boat.

This footage was evidently shot specifically for Shark Week which will begin on July 11th this Summer. But the record-setting great white shark breach footage was just uploaded to YouTube for the world to enjoy before then.

What strikes me the most about this breach footage isn’t the shark’s ups. It is the quality of the footage.

I’m old enough to remember when 90% of Shark Week footage was cobbled together reenactment footage and 10% people on camera talking about close run-ins with sharks.

They set out to film a spectacular breach and wildly succeeded. The end result here is one of the most stunning great white shark clips ever recorded by a professional crew.

Clips like this shouldn’t take away anything from spectacular shark encounters filmed in the field without an expensive crew. Moments like this close encounter from end of March will always go viral:

People went wild in that comment section and for good reason. It is one of the most surreal clips of the year.

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