Clout Chaser Hit With Hefty Fine For Eating A Great White Shark Purchased Online

great white shark breaching surface

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A food blogger and clout chaser was hit with a large fine by the Chinese government for the crime of illegally buying, cooking, and eating a great white shark on TikTok (video can be found below).

The Chinese food blogger initially spent $1,141 (7,700 yuan) on the illegal purchase. Great white sharks are a protected species globally due to their ‘threatened’ status.

The woman, known as Tizi, is a massive influencer in China. She has millions of followers and posted the video to TikTok where her clout-chasing resulted in a massive fine.

The Chinese government has slapped her with a fine of $18,522 or Jin 125,000 yuan for the crime of illegally buying and eating a wild animal. Interestingly, there wasn’t an added penalty for anything related to the species.

Tizi’s video where she eats a great white shark can still be seen on Douyin which is the Chinese version of TikTok.

Food Blogger Hit With Fine For Eating A Great White Shark Purchased Illegally

It seems criminal that they’ve left the video up but they have. It is 4-and-a-half minutes long and shows the blogger acquiring, cooking, and eating the great white shark. You can view it here if you are so inclined.

According to Gizmodo, the Chinese food blogger who ate a great white shark came by her illegal animal with relative ease. She bought the illegal fare on the Alibaba-owned site Taobao.

The 2-meter (6.5-feet) great white shark was a juvenile. It was prepared in a spicy broth before she ate the meat and remarked that “It may look vicious, but its meat is truly very tender.”

She posted a picture of herself laying side-by-side with the great white shark before it was filleted and eaten. She is roughly as tall as the shark itself.

Sadly, this kind of clout chasing doesn’t seem uncommon for this food blogger. She has eaten crocodiles and ostriches on TikTok while amassing over 7.8 million followers.

According to Gizmodo, Tizi initially claimed she purchased the shark legally and that it was “bred in captivity.” That story quickly unraveled after the authorities began to investigate and the individuals who sold her the shark off the black market were arrested.

Teen Narrowly Escapes Great White Attack After Shark Bites Huge Chunk Out Of Kayak

A father in Australia is telling the world how fortunate he is to have his son after good samaritans rushed to his rescue. The son was paddling in a ‘surf ski’ which is a type of kayak when he narrowly escaped a great white attack.

The incident occurred at Seacliff Beach in Adelaide, Australia. And the father ‘feared for the worst’ when he saw a mob of people scattering in the water during a surf ski race and was unable to spot his son.

Moments later, he spotted his son’s sure ski laying across a rescue boat and it was missing a massive chunk from the middle. The missing chunk was unmistakably a bite mark from a massive shark.

Miraculously, the 19-year-old son escaped from the water unharmed and the father along with local lifeguards are telling the story and how close it was to becoming a great white attack.

Here is a local news report on the incident:

This second video has some colorful language in it. But it shows the moment the surf ski was removed from the water with the huge chunk missing from the bitemark:

ABC News Australia writes the great white shark was estimated at 10-feet in length.

The dad told ABC News “I just ran over to him and gave him a big hug, you don’t realise how much you absolutely love your kids until something like that happens.”

As for how his son Nathaniel survived the imminent great white attack, that’s a pretty incredible story in and of itself.

Nathaniel has been training with the Surf Life Saving SA since he was just six years old. And as soon as he felt the large great white shark attack his surf ski he ‘went into survival mode.’

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