Hipster Threatens To Sue Magazine Over Photo In ‘All Hipsters Look The Same’ Article, Ends In Incredible Self-Own

Let’s start out by acknowledging that the photo above is not the hipster in the alleged incident about how all hipsters look the same and is from a search on Pexels for “hipster man.” The hipster from this truly ironic tale is out there somewhere being angry that all hipsters look the same.

The incensed gentleman noticed an article about how all hipsters look the same. The article titled “The Hipster Effect: Why Anti-conformists Always End Up Looking The Same” was published in MIT Technology Review last week. The article had the rather benign feature image from Getty of this young scruffy man wearing a beanie and a flannel as an example of a hipster.

Embed from Getty Images

The vexed hipster read the article and immediately became enraged because the publication stole an image of him. Plot twist: They didn’t. Gideon Lichfield, the MIT journal’s editor-in-chief, spins the tale of how correct his magazine was about all hipsters looking the same.

To summarize, the dude saw a photo of a guy in an article about all hipsters looking the same, became irate because he thought the magazine stole his image and was slandering him, the photo was of a totally different hipster that looked exactly like him, thus proving the whole point of “The Hipster Effect” article. Congratulations, you played yourself.

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This is a very satisfying ending.