Someone Used Paperclips, Hot Dogs, Eggs, And Cheese To Change The Breakfast Game Forever And I’ve Never Been So Intrigued

This viral clip of ‘Hot Dog Cheesy Waffles’ is kind of like a Jordan Peele horror film reversed. Where instead of a seemingly normal scenario that turns into an absolute nightmare like Get Out, this clip starts out completely off the rail and every frame is more batshit crazy than the previous one but someone we end with a culinary creation that the finest brunch restaurants in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Manhattan couldn’t come up with on their best day.

Truly, this looks like something that would be delicious. The steps taken to arrive at the cheesy hot dog waffles are offensive. They did NOT need to use a damn paperclip to shred the hot dogs. Likewise, they could’ve quickly elevated this recipe by pretty much using any other sausage on the planet and it wouldn’t have freaked so many people out.

The clip has picked up 5.2 MILLION views on Twitter in just a few days and there’s really no end in sight because there’s also no way to only watch this once. Your eyes aren’t able to process the insanity that’s unfolding in real-time and you have to go back and watch it again and again and again until ultimately you reach the conclusion that yes, this looks tasty as fuck and you need to find a way to eat it.

Check it out:

The responses to the viral tweets are STRONG. People either cannot handle what they’ve just witnessed and are lying to themselves about how good this would taste or they’re on board like I am.

Brought to you by the same people who are probably eating beans and tomato for breakfast…

The original video is TEN MINUTES LONG on YouTube and is still full of absolute insanity:

The original clip comes from the YouTube channel ‘Chefclub’ Original where they have a metric shit ton of strange culinary videos up on YouTube. The ‘about’ section of their YouTube channel states:

Welcome to Chefclub! Our mission is to make you have fun in the kitchen! Our quick, easy and entertaining recipes will help you surprise everyone! Whether you’re looking for inspiration for the next lunch with your family, to cook with the kids, to have a drink with your friends, or simple ideas to twist your daily dinners, Chefclub is the right place for you!

Frankly, I’d have to disagree with the notion that this is the right place for me if I’m looking to cook up some food with the family. As we can see from the responses on Twitter, most people aren’t ready to handle the hot dog cheesy waffles yet. They need to really ease the public into this shit if they want to take over the planet with creations like that.

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