Tribute To Overconfident ‘Hot Ones’ Guests Getting Their Worlds Totally Destroyed By Hot Wings

The best part in every episode of Hot Ones is when the guest makes it to Da Bomb Hot Sauce and the walls start melting around them. If you’re not familiar with the Hot Ones Challenge then I’m slightly confused as to what compelled you to click on this article but nevertheless, I’ll give you a quick explainer. Guests on the show hosted by Sean Evans are interviewed while eating wings in ascending order of hotness from ‘a little hot’ to ‘the hottest sauce known to man’.

One of the all-time greatest episodes of Hot Ones was when Writer/Chef Eddie Huang panicked and started the wings from hottest to least hot and his life was ruined within a matter of moments. If you’ve never seen that episode it’s in my ‘Hot Ones Hall of Fame’ and you can watch it here.

What made that Eddie Huang episode so good is it jumped straight to the torture. Because after all, that’s really what we’re watching these videos for, hot sauce torture. Sure, we might get to see some of our favorite celebrities, athletes, and musicians get interviewed but it’s all about watching them squirm from the sauce.

This clip from YouTuber Jasper Liang cuts out the fluff and has spliced together footage of extremely confident Hot Ones guests who are beating their chests about how easy the wings are to eat until suddenly the world begins to crumble around them and they’re left with nothing but their insides on fire.

Check it out:

If you wanted to bounce around in this video, he’s actually listed the guests and time stamps for each guest who appeared in the clip: Shia LaBeouf and T.J. Miller are two more of my favorite episodes so don’t sleep on those clips here. 0:00 Billie Eilish, (0:16) Coolio, (0:59) Curren$y, (1:16) Eddie Huang, (2:12) Gunplay, (2:40) Idris Elba, (3:12) Joe Budden, (4:17) Keke Palmer, (5:00) Michael Rapaport, (5:54) Neil deGrasse Tyson, (6:09) RZA and Paul Banks, (6:29) Shaq, (7:13) Shia Labeouf, (7:52) T.J. Miller, (8:29) Tenacious D.

Again, if you’ve never seen that full Eddie Huang episode from a few years back you should watch it right here:

So good.