Have You Been Pooping The Wrong Way Your Entire Life? A Doctor Says These Three Mistakes Are Far Too Common

TikTok Doctor Claims Weve Been Pooping Wrong All Our Lives Lists Mistakes


Of all the things we have learned in life, knowing how to poop is probably one thing most of us think we’ve got all figured out.

Turns out, the way we have been pooping all of our lives might actually be wrong.

At least that’s what TikTok doc, NHS surgeon Dr. Karan Ranj claims in one of his many educational videos.

In his video on proper pooping, Dr. Ranj lists three common mistakes many people make.

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Number one: Sitting for more than ten minutes.

“The longer you spend on the throne, the more pressure is put on the rectal veins,” he says.

“These can swell up and cause hemorrhoids – which can cause pain, itching and bleeding.”

Well, that sounds awful

Number two: Stop straining.

“Straining can cause hard stools to tear the lining of your anus causing fissures,” explains the good doctor.

“It can also cause pelvic floor muscles to weaken leading to incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.”

Oh dear God.

Number three: Aggressive wiping.

“You’re wiping your butt crack aggressively like you’re polishing a trophy,” says Dr. Ranj.

“This is gonna leave you with cracked, dry skin and itchy butt, known as pruritus ani.”

Instead of bum rushing your gum, the doctor recommends utilizing a bidet. That, or just chill a little bit and be more gentle.

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“So I shouldn’t be in there for half an hour,” commented one viewer.

“Ideally no,” replied Dr. Ranj.

Dr. Ranj did later add in another comment, “Spending more than ten minutes from time to time is ok if you need to… but it shouldn’t be the norm!”

“Who’s watching this on the john?” asked another viewer.

“Many,” replied the doc.

Dr. Ranj later posted another poop-related TikTok video.

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Then, just to clarify, he commented on the video, “Very serious & important point: with all that foam you could easily miss any sign of blood and can’t examine your (poop emoji) for abnormalities!”

You do examine your poop for abnormalities, right?

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