People Are Trolling Their Moms With This Text About Microwaving Turkeys And The Responses Are Amazing

Thanksgiving Turkey

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Thanksgiving is less than a week away. These days, I host the family at my house for Turkey Day which is a far cry from back in the day when I wasn’t even allowed in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. Last year I had to Google the sh*t out of the instructions on how to cook a turkey and thankfully for my family it worked out perfectly.

I don’t think I’m alone in being kept in the dark on how to cook a turkey. This seems to be a pretty common millennial phenomenon, where our parents grew up cooking with their parents and continued that tradition after we were born until one day the grandparents were no longer around and our parents were left wondering why we (millennials) never learned how to cook even though they kept us out of the kitchen.

Now that a lot of millennials are at that age when they start hosting Thanksgiving themselves, myself included, our parents live in a constant state of fear that we’ll f*ck up that perfect Thanksgiving they remember from decades ago. In reality, cooking a turkey is insanely simple as long as you follow the instructions and take a temperature until it’s right.

A new prank has caught on that plays on our parent’s fears that we’ll ruin Thanksgiving where people are texting their moms ‘how long do I microwave a turkey?’ and sharing the responses on social media. Here are some of the best responses.

Someone had to make this joke, didn’t they?

Don’t believe the things you see on Twitter.

A lot of these have to be fake, right? There’s no way that so many parents fell for this.

In reality, you can actually microwave a turkey if you want to. And according to reports, it will come out pretty good if you follow those steps.

Last year I cooked two turkeys, one large turkey in the oven and a smaller one on my smoker. This year, I’m not sure if I want to cook the second turkey in my fryer or if I want to throw a ham on the smoker in addition to the turkey in the oven. What do you bros this, think I should I go with the fryer or the smoker?