How Much Is Your Instagram Worth? This Handy Tool Will Help You Find Out

how much is my instagram worth


Countless people have used the internet to get rich over the past couple of decades, whether they did so by designing an app whose name is spelled entirely with consonants or convincing people who still pay for AOL that they’re a Nigerian prince.

However, there’s one major downside to strategies like those: they require you to put in a fair amount of time and effort and there’s still no guarantee someone will pay you a laughable sum of money for your troubles.

In this day and age, there’s only one path to pursue if you want to make bank online without really having to do anything at all: become an influencer.

We live in the Age of Instagram, a time when you can achieve massive levels of fame because you have the ability to be good looking and stand in front of a lot of murals.

A few months ago, we were all lucky enough to get the chance to feel bad about ourselves thanks to a list ranking the highest-paid celebrities on Instagram, with Kylie Jenner leading the way by making a cool $1 million per sponsored post.

Must be nice.

However, that doesn’t mean your account is totally worthless even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers.

My Voucher Codes figured out a way to calculate the value of an Instagram account and put together a handy calculator that’ll let you figure out how much you could make per post.

All you have to do is enter your handle and it’ll spit out a number that will likely make you feel incredibly inadequate compared to the celebrities on the aforementioned list.

With that said, congratulations to anyone who ends up being pleasantly surprised.

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