Here’s How Much An Olympic Medal Is Worth

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how much olympic medal worth

How much are Olympic medals worth? Well, it depends.

The value and quality of Olympic medals definitely matter, especially for the athletes who compete for countries that don’t pay athletes. In the past, the U.S. has awarded $10-25k for winning Olympic medals while Azerbaijan paid $510k for athletes who won a gold medal.

For the other countries, it’s not uncommon for athletes to sell their medals for cash after the Olympics. So, if you want to grab cash with your Olympic medal there are three options for determining the value.

1. Scrap Value Of An Olympic Medal

Championship athletes at the Olympics aren’t actually given a pure Gold medal. Since the 1912 games in Stockholm, athletes have received gold-plated medals. According to MONEY, the PyeongChang Olympic gold medals are plated with about 1% of pure gold – totaling about 6-grams of the total 586-gram weight.

Using to calculate each medal’s scrap value – PyeongChang’s gold medals are worth about $577, silver medals are worth around $320, and bronze medals only have a scrap value of about $3.50.

2. Auction Value Of An Olympic Medal

If you’re looking to get max cash for your Olympic medal, an auction is probably the way to go. According to Jonathan Scheier, consignment director of sports memorabilia at Heritage Auctions, Olympic gold medals tend to sell for around $20-50k these days. Scheier also reports that silver medals sell for about $10-30k and bronze medals for less than $10k.

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