Marvel Fans Are Flipping Out Over The News That Hugh Jackman Will Return As Wolverine In Deadpool 3

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Heeeee’s back.

Hugh Jackman last appeared in his iconic role of Wolverine in 2017’s chapter-closing blockbuster Logan. He first appeared in the role for Marvel Entertainment 17 years prior in the movie X-Men.

In those 17 years, Jackman made nine appearances as the character that has become synonymous with his name. Now it appears he’s ready to make it a perfect 10.

Ryan Reynolds Announces Hugh Jackman’s Return As Wolverine In Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds will make his first appearance as Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Sept. 9, 2024. And he’s bringing a special guest with him.

Reynolds released a hilarious promo for the movie on Tuesday and closed it by dropping a huge bombshell on comic book fans. Not only will Deadpool debut in the MCU on Sept. 9, 2024, so will Jackman’s Wolverine character. Fans were absolutely stoked about the news.

Some were even moved to tears.

At least they were tears of joy.

Never underestimate the power of Ryan Reynolds, owner of Wrexham AFC.

Wolverine won’t be the first mutant introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That honor went to another character at the end of a recent MCU series. But it may give fans an idea of where the MCU is headed.

We’ve also seen members of the Fantastic Four make recent MCU cameos and of course the uniting of the Spider-Man Universe.

It’s yet to be scene whether Jackman will make any additional MCU appearances as Wolverine. But one thing is clear. Comic book fans cannot wait for Deadpool 3.