‘I Am Legend’ Trends After President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis, Proving Tons Of People Missed The Point Of That Story

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First things first, Rest in Peace to Samantha. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Well then, you’re clearly not as big of an I Am Legend fan as you thought, as that was the name of Will Smith’s trusted and beloved German Shepard. It’s quite literally impossible to have a discussion about I Am Legend without mentioning that dog scene, so I figured I get it out of the way at the start. So R.I.P, Sam. What a dog.

Now, onto I Am Legend trending on Twitter in regard to President Trump’s COVID diagnosis, which is otherwise just known as a normal Tuesday here in the U S of A (because mentioning the Commander in Chief in the same breath as a movie about living alone in post-apocalyptic Manhattan is always where you want your country to be).

The reason Will Smith’s 2007 zombie film finds itself back in the news — you know, besides the fact that a pandemic has ravaged the planet this year — is because human-helium-filled-ballon Ben Shapiro compared to currently-COVID-infected President to the film’s Dr. Robert Neville, who… kills himself in a blaze of glory at the end of the movie? And is actually, basically, more or less, the one who started the apocalypse to begin with?

Twitter has since reacted as you would predict by pointing out that not only does Will Smith’s character blow himself up, but that he could also be perceived as the bad guy of the entire movie as it was technically his handy work that unleashed the deadly virus in the first place. Ipso facto, Dr. Robert Neville is actually the BAD GUY of the story.

As I mentioned earlier, comparing our current state of affairs to a movie about end times is not necessarily where you want to be, so let’s hope the end of 2020 is more Pursuit of Happyness than it is I Am Legend.

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