Ice T Is Trending Due To This Corny Dad Joke And The Internet Reaction Is Hilarious

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  • Ice T is trending on Twitter thanks to this dad joke about the rising gas prices
  • The internet reaction is absolutely hilarious
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If you woke up on Wednesday morning and opened up your Twitter app, you may have seen actor/rapper Ice T trending on the discover page.

It probably wasn’t for the reason you might’ve thought, though.

Ice got up out of bed and decided it was the perfect day to post a corny dad joke relating to the rising gas prices throughout the country. The typically serious Law and Order actor cracked this unexpected quip for each of his social media followers to enjoy. It certainly wasn’t what I was anticipating seeing from the once stone-faced rap persona.

Check it out below.

The tweet begins in a serious manner with the celebrity saying that he’d been robbed in New Jersey. He was trembling. The cops were involved. His money was gone.

I’ll be honest, I was duped at the start.

He then goes into the punchline, saying that the gas pump was the culprit behind his robbery. What a zinger.

Ice has shown his comical side in the past. I’ll always remember that appearance on the Chappelle Show where he was the headliner of the International Player Hater’s Ball.

But dad jokes? C’mon. That was a territory I never thought I’d find Ice T. The surprising post was actually very funny, and it definitely got a chuckle out of me.

The internet agreed, and their immediate reaction to the tweet was hysterical.

Check out the response below.

Nicely done.