The ‘If You Play (This Song)’ Meme Is The Last Great Meme Of The Year And I’m Dying At These Tweets

happy new year's eve

Shutterstock / grafvision

We are only two Mondays away from 2018. The end is near. Even though 2017 has been a miserably tumultuous year for most millennials it has been a pretty fantastic year for funny memes. And at the end of the year, it’s the memes we remember fondly, right?

One meme that’s taken off just days before Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the ‘If You Play (this song at midnight)…’ meme. The format’s pretty straightforward. People suggest you start playing a song within minutes of midnight on New Year’s Eve and then they include some sort of a joke. For instance, one user suggests you start playing Lil Pump’s ‘Gucci Gang’ 3+ minutes before midnight on NYE that way when the clock strikes midnight the song will already be over and we can leave that song in the past forever. I’m not sure I agree with that sentiment. I can listen to ‘Gucci Gang’ on repeat for the rest of the day and be fine. But I get why a lot of people hate the song, it’s extremely overplayed (amongst other reasons).

Anyway, I don’t want to overexplain this ‘If you play this song…’ meme too much so let’s just get right to the memes, is that cool with you?

Last, but not least:

There are legitimately thousands and thousands of these tweets out there. I’m 100% certain that I missed some of the best but I also don’t have all day to go searching through Twitter for the dankest tweets. If you see any that you think I should’ve included here you can hit me on Twitter at @casspa.