Iggy Azalea Tried To Criticize Eminem For Delivering ‘Lazy Bars’ In ‘Killshot’ Diss Track, Gets Instantly Mocked By Everyone

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This afternoon, rapper Eminem delivered his muhc anticipated response to Machine Gun Kelly with a diss track called “Killshot”

In the song, Em name-dropped several celebrities including Iggy Azalea, P.Diddy, Jay-Z and Taylor Swift.

Got more fans than you in your own city, lil’ kiddy, go play
Feel like I’m babysitting Lil Tay
Got the Diddy okay so you spent your whole day
Shootin’ a video just to fuckin’ dig your own grave
Got you at your own wake, I’m the billy goat
You ain’t never made a list next to no Biggie, no Jay
Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho, you about to really blow

Kelly, they’ll be putting your name
Next to Ja, next to Benzino—die, motherfucker!
Like the last motherfucker sayin’ Hailie in vain

Apparently Iggy Azalea didn’t like that Em named her in the song and called him out for delivering “lazy bars” on the diss track.

Let’s just say this didn’t go over real well on social media.

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