24-Year-Old Instagram Influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova Found Dead Inside A Suitcase, Suspect Arrested

Instagram Influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova Found Dead In A Suitcase


Horrific news out of Russia as a popular Instagram influencer there, Ekaterina Karaglanova, was found dead, stuffed inside a suitcase in her Moscow apartment, according to police.

Karaglanova, 24, was found by her parents with her throat slit after requesting access to the apartment from her landlord after she did not respond their attempts to reach her for several days.

Karaglanova, who also maintained a popular travel blog with thousands of subscribers, had recently graduated from a medical school residency in dermatology and was reportedly planning to travel to the Netherlands with an unnamed 52-year-old man to celebrate her 25th birthday on July 30.


The Independent reports that she had recently started a new relationship, though they did not specifically state if it was with the 52-year-old man she was planning to travel with on her birthday.

The publication also reported that police told MK that CCTV footage showed her ex-boyfriend visiting her apartment in the days surrounding her disappearance.

The current whereabouts of the boyfriend is unknown.

The paper said jealousy was being investigated as a possible motive for the killing.

Police also said there was no evidence of a struggle at the apartment and no murder weapon was found at the scene.


According to the Mirror, a friend said Karaglanova was being blackmailed over nude photos which had been sent to her classmates. Investigators also claim she worked as an escort to pay her way through medical school and the photos in question were related to that.

Russian channel REN TV obtained video of a man wearing gloves on a warm day entering Karaglanova’s flat in the days prior to her being found, then exiting carrying a suitcase which REN TV speculates the man used to remove her bloodstained clothes and the weapon used to cut her throat and stab her twice in the chest.

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On Wednesday, CNN reported that Moscow police stated they had made an arrest in the murder of the Instagram star.

“As a result of operational search activities, the police officers at the Moscow Directorate of the MVD of Russia in Moscow established the location and arrested the suspect in the murder of a female social media personality in the apartment of a residential building on Pyryeva Street,” said Irina Volk, the official spokesperson for the MVD (Russian Ministry of Interior). “He has now been brought in for questioning.”

The motive for the crime has yet to be revealed.

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