Popular Instagram Travel Influencer Gets Roasted For Adding Fake Clouds To Her Pictures, She Responds

Instagram Travel Influencer Ripped For Photoshopping Clouds Into Pics


Travel influencer and blogger Tupi Saravia, @tupisaravia on Instagram, is catching hell on social media for repeatedly photoshopping fake clouds into many of the seemingly beautiful travel pictures she shares with her almost 300,000 followers.

This became an issue when someone on the internet with an abundance of free time and tremendous vision, @santilishi, noticed that the exact same could formation appeared in a bunch of Saravia’s photos and went viral on Twitter user Matt Navarra’s account.

Spooky, indeed. It looks like this particular cloud formation just follows her around the world looking for the perfect photo op. Damn, clouds, such attention whores.

The fact that an “influencer” would alter or clean up the photos they post to social media is not a surprise. What is a surprise is the fact that Saravia likes this particular cloud formation so much that she uses it over and over and over.

As such, the internet wanted, nay demanded, an explanation.


To her credit, after making her account private and then flipping it back to public, Saravia did come clean, writing, “Its an app called QUICKSHOT that iโ€™ve always been opened about with my followers, actually there is a highlighted story on my feed where you can see how I edit my followers pics changing the sky. No big deal, I use it for better composition in my pictures when the actual pic has a burt or overexposed skyโ™ฅ๏ธ canโ€™t believe how far my clouds went, if you need some I can do a giveaway ๐Ÿคฃโ˜๏ธ.”

So, does this “bum you out” too or do you not care if influencers are promoting false realities to their large, often young, group of followers?

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