Woman Interrupts Live Broadcast Of Hurricane Harvey Coverage To Give Reporter Beer

In the year 2017, we probably don’t need weather reporters standing outside while a category 4 hurricane demolishes an entire town. We should probably have some sort of autonomous car with a camera built in and controlled remotely. But for some reason, these brave and/or foolish weather reporters broadcast from these dangerous areas where they could be injured at any moment. As Hurricane Harvey was about to hit the coast of Texas, one local woman commended the reporter for his dedication in the way of a six-pack of beer.

Fox News reporter Casey Stegall was in Galveston, Texas, when a resident greeted him with a six-pack of beer right in the middle of his live hurricane coverage. The woman presented him with a six-pack of Galveston Island Brewing’s Tiki Wheat. What? No Texas barbecue to go with the beer?

Talk about southern hospitality.


Casey appreciated the kind and refreshing gesture and was exciting to cracking open a cold one with the boys “after we are done covering this.”

Galveston Island Brewing definitely appreciated the free exposure and said, “This lady rocks!”

Not all heroes wear capes or raingear.