Introducing ‘BRO OF THE WEEK’: A Column Dedicated Solely To The Achievements Of BroBible Readers

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Let me cut the fat and get straight to it: At a recent BroBible editorial meeting, we brainstormed how we could be a more positive influence on an internet increasingly deadset on finger-pointing, public shaming, and Jake Paul vlogs. I’ve worked on the internet for nearly four years now and there’s a single shred of me that truly believes the internet can be used for good. The rest of me fights off the daily urge to dislike YouTube videos of a litter of puppies playing joyfully. Has anyone done a deep dive of those puppies’ old tweets? Didn’t think so, verdict’s still out on those little fuckers.

Point is, I need this positivity more than you do.

The consensus we came to in the meeting revolved around you guys, our esteemed readers. Every last one of you. In a digital publishing world that is as cut-throat and unpredictable as ever, BroBible has managed to keep the ship afloat for over a decade. This is a minor miracle considering brands prefer their content to be more sterile than a surgeon’s scalpel, and our content can certainly tight-roped that line. But, we have always been armed with you guys, our aces in the hole.

You click. You share. You are the engine that keeps this engine chugging along, against the odds. The unsung heroes.

We want to change that.

We are implementing a BRO OF THE WEEK Column that will run every Friday and run solely off BroBible reader submissions. If you or a friend or anyone you know has done something positive, something you’re proud of, an accomplishment that deserves a little shine, we want to hear about it. We’ll write about it and give you some love on our social media accounts. If you’re selected, we’ll only share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Now before you rush into a burning building, know that we aren’t necessarily looking for heroic deeds. You donate your time or money to help a cause you’re passionate about? Let us know. You get a job you busted your ass to get? Let us know. You overcome a fear you’ve had for years? Let us know. Shit, you finally ask the girl you’ve been crushing on out? LET US KNOW.

Send your submissions to, and I promise to get back to you, whether you’re chosen or not. The plan is for the debut column to go live next Friday, October 12th, so aim to get submissions in no later than Thursday, Oct. 11. I may ask some follow-up questions so to avoid my pestering, be as detailed in your initial submission as possible. Don’t be shy, totally judge-free.

There aren’t too many places on the internet that praise the small victories in life and it doesn’t need to be that way. Embrace this opportunity to relish in internet glory for all of eternity!





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