The Internet Is Being Torn Apart Once Again Over Whether Or Not ‘Die Hard’ Is A Christmas Movie

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In what’s become an annual holiday tradition, much the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center, the internet is once again engaged in a fierce and comical debate over whether or not Die Hard should actually qualify as a “Christmas movie.”

Based on some of the stuff we’ve posted here in the past like 10 Reasons Why Die Hard Is The Greatest Christmas Movie Ever and Revisit The Greatest Christmas Movie Ever Made In This Honest Trailer For Die Hard, apparently some of us here do in fact believe it is a Christmas movie.

If only it were that simple though.

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Back in 2015, a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling revealed that only 13% of those they polled believed the Bruce Willis classic should be considered a Christmas movie.

Of course, everyone who said otherwise in that poll was wrong, but that hasn’t stopped the debate from continuing on year after year, with 2017 being absolutely no exception.

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Well, there you go. The people have spoken. Screw you, Public Policy Polling. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Oh god, here we go again…

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