Watch An 85-Year-Old Italian Grandmother Hilariously Try To Use Google Home For The First Time

by 9 months ago

We are living in the most technologically-advanced time of human existence where computers are your personal assistants that are ready to help you at the command of your voice. However, not everyone welcomes these new-fangled contraptions into their life — especially old folks. Their comprehension of technology is generally limited. But their ineptitude for technology can be your entertainment. For instance, this 85-year-old Italian grandmother hilariously attempting to use a Google Home device for the first time is video gold.

Ben Actis loves his nonna, but he’s not opposed to posting a video of his grandma’s inability to properly use a Google Home Mini voice assistant. She doesn’t quite get the whole using a wake phrase to initiate contact with Google Assistant. Instead of saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google,” grandma calls the thingamajig “googoo.” She starts off with “googoo, ok, hey.” Then she starts tapping the Google Home to wake it up to no avail. I’m shocked the Italian grandma didn’t offer the Google Home a heaping plate of pasta and an entire tray of pignoli cookies to be friends.

Once she does finally successfully communicate with the Google Assistant and it provides her local Florida weather she is absolutely mortified. The scared nonna walks away from the gizmo and says, “Oh my god, it’s a mystery.” I think grandma needs to try out a virtual reality headset next and have her mind blown.

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