Jake Paul Caught On Camera Inside Arizona Mall While People Were Looting And The Internet Is Pissed

Jake Paul Looting

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If you didn’t like Jake Paul prior to today, you’re really going to hate him now.

A video posted to Twitter allegedly shows YouTube star Jake Paul present in Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Fashion Square was not totally closed while protests were going on and looters can be seen smashing store windows, destroying cars, and stealing merchandise.

Paul was filming in the middle of all the chaos.

Paul appeared to be filmed taking part in some of the lootings. While he’s not see taking anything on camera, he’s obviously not trying to stop anyone from smashing windows, stealing, or destroying property.

Here are some reactions to the news.

Paul is one of the highest-paid celebs on YouTube and worth an estimated $19 million.

More to come as the story develops.

[via TMZ]


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