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Jameson Whiskey Is Putting The ‘Spirit’ In Christmas Spirit With The Only Artificial Christmas Tree Worth Buying

There’s something about this time of year that feels so celebratory.

Maybe it’s because we all know the end of the calendar year is in sight; we’re in the home stretch until we flip a page on a new chapter. Maybe it’s because we know we can throw on Out Of Office replies for a week soon, indicating some much-needed downtime and togetherness with family and friends. Or because we know the next four weeks of the year will be filled with festive decorations, cookies, holiday parties, and maybe an awkward White Elephant exchange or two.

Regardless, it’s the best time of year to raise a glass and toast in the spirit of Sine Metu (“without fear”).

This year, Jameson Irish Whiskey is helping you get in the holiday spirit with its own fun take on holiday décor – The Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Tree. It’s the perfect conversation piece for your home bar or den, holding 19 empty Jameson Original bottles.

For the very first time ever, Jameson fans can buy the Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Tree via ReserveBar starting at $200.

The Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Tree

This holiday season, gather ’round something other than the usual conifer. Jameson Whiskey’s quirky take on a Tannenbaum is three feet tall, complete with the warm green glow of lit Jameson Original bottles. The bottles are arranged on a wood tree stand and lit with string lights. The tree provides a one-of-a-kind green yuletide ambiance. Throw it on a bar top, an end table, or your kitchen counter – wherever you’re feeling the celebratory spirit.

“Holiday trees are often a festive symbol of seasonal gatherings that celebrate joyous times and a happy new year, and the Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Trees are our fun twist on this beloved tradition,” explains to Kelly Suhr, Senior Brand Director, Jameson Irish Whiskey, in a statement. “As a brand that believes in bringing people together to spark those moments of connection this holiday season, we are giving consumers the opportunity to trade in tangled tree lights and instead invite friends and families to raise a glass this holiday with Jameson.”

Of course, the Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Tree wouldn’t be complete without some actual Jameson to enjoy. Each limited edition tree comes bundled with a full bottle of Jameson Black Barrel when bought via

Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey, by the way, is a delicious libation for your holiday gatherings. It’s Jameson’s tribute to their legendary coopers, featuring barrels that have been charred for additional richness and complexity.

The charring intensifies the whiskey’s taste. The time Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey (40% ABV) spends maturing in these double-charred barrels means intensified notes of vanilla sweetness and caramel, along with toasted wood, fruit, and warm spice when sipping.

Sláinte to the most wonderful time of the year.



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