Jared Leto Is Threatening To Pull An ‘Opposite McConaissance’ And Start Making Rom-Coms

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Alas, my old rival and I meet once again. It’s been a hell of a star to 2021 for Leto and I thus far, as the slow drip of Joker reveals has provided the tracks of the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on for the last month or so.

First, there were Zack Sndyer’s initial first-look images at Leto’s returning Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which I begrudgingly admitted actually looked pretty sick.

Then, just about a week later, the first trailer for The Snyder Cut dropped and essentially spat my compliment back in my face, as Leto’s Joker briefly appeared to do nothing but become a living meme.

Finally, just a few short days ago, came the final Blitzkrieg from Leto. And damn it while I absolutely hate him, I must respect his battle tactics, because this was an absolutely devastating blow for our men: Vanity Fair released photos of Leto’s Joker posing like Jesus Christ whilst donning a Crown of Thorns. To be honest, I still haven’t recovered.

Leto’s full-court-press appears to remain in-action, as the Academy Award winner recently sat down with W Magazine, where he threatened to start making shitty rom-coms in what he referred to as an “opposite McConaissance.” May god help us all.

“You know, I was threatening to do, like, an opposite McConaissance,” Leto said when asked if he’d ever make a rom-com.

“I just go dive straight into early-2000s-style rom-coms. Shoot on the beach in either Mexico or Hawaii—that’s contractual. Eight-hour days, maybe six, just show up and have a blast. The hardest part of preparation is the keto diet. That’s basically what it’s going to come down to. Avoiding those carbs can be tough work.” [via W Magazine]

Fair play, Leto. You’ve got me on the ropes in recent weeks. The troops and I are going to have to regroup and prepare to retaliate by the release of The Snyder Cut on March 18, or we risk losing this war for good.

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