George Costanza Lit Up Twitter After He Found His Mannequin Doppelgänger

George Costanza Jason Alexander

NBC / YouTube

Jason Alexander’s the actor who played George Costanza on NBC’s Seinfeld and if you’re not already following him on Twitter you probably will be after check this out below. It seems that Jason/George was out and about in the city when he came across a pudgy and balding mannequin that was his doppelgänger.

Instead of pulling his hat down and walking away without anyone noticing how hilarious it was that he looks like an ugly ass mannequin, Jason Alexander decided to snap a picture and share it on Twitter:

Jason’s willingness to poke fun at himself led to a string of fantastic responses from Seinfeld fans because Twitter reactions are the best reactions:

As much as I hate the never ending crazy ass political bullshit on Twitter, I really do love that social network for the witty responses to shit like this. You don’t find interactions between actors and fans like this on Facebook. What I’m trying to say here is I’m shamelessly fishing for follows on Twitter, so go ahead and hit that ‘follow’ button and check me out at @casspa….(h/t HappyPlace)