The Three Cars In Jay Leno’s Garage That He’d Turn Into Hot Wheels Diecasts

by 12 months ago

Hot Wheels

Jay Leno’s reputation as the ultimate car guy precedes him. The former Tonight Show host has well over a 130 cars in his garage, a collection of rare automobiles worth an estimated $50 million. If he could take any of those vehicles and shrink them down to 1:64 size Hot Wheels die-casts, what cars would he choose?

Thanks to a collaboration with Hot Wheels for the brand’s 50th anniversary, I had an opportunity to ask Jay this exact question. Jay is currently promoting the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, “in search of life-size cars worthy of being immortalized into a Hot Wheels 1:64 diecast car.”

He recently showed off his 1957 Silver Convertible Corvette at the Hot Wheels garage in El Segundo, California, of which he has a rad little die-cast for. Check it out in the picture above.

You can listen to my full conversation with Jay Leon on my new podcast, SO STUPENDOUS, now available in the iTunes Podcast app. The specific part with Jay Leno starts around the :30 minute mark.

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