Backyard Mechanics Turn A Rare 5-Speed Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Into A Convertible

Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ turned into a convertible

iStockphoto / MousePotato

  • The guys at the Backyard Broncos YouTube channel take a Sawzall to a rare 5-Speed Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ and turn it into a convertible
  • Everything about this video looks fun but Jeep purists will find it difficult to get past the defacing and alteration of such a rare Jeep model
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FYI, if you are offended by profanity then do not click play on the video below. Or hit the ‘mute’ button before hitting play because there is a lot of profanity being thrown around. And if you don’t care at all about profanity then strap in because this clip is great.

I’m not super familiar with the Backyard Broncos YouTube channel but I’m liking what I’ve seen so far. I came across this clip over on Jalopnik. That article did a pretty great job at contextualizing how this five-speed Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ is pretty darn rare and they call it the ‘holy grail’ of manual transmission Jeeps.

The fact that this Jeep is rare and highly sought after clearly does nothing to dissuade the Backyard Broncos guys from taking the Sawzall to the hardtop and turning it into a redneck convertible. Again, there’s a great deal of profanity in this video and I don’t want to get any emails from people complaining bout that so if that bothers you then just move on to the next article, please.

I truly had no idea how prized these 5-Speed Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ models are. The Jalopnik article has me convinced these things are sacred vehicles.

This would be a super fun vehicle to own if you could find it for really cheap and had somewhere on a farm or country property to park it where it wouldn’t get crushed by the weather. But taking the top off this vehicle doesn’t do much other than make for an excellent YouTube video.

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