Jeff Goldblum’s First Date With His Contortionist Wife Beats Your First Date Story

Think you have a wacky and exciting first date story of how you met your significant other? It probably isn’t as interesting as you make it out to be and you should stop torturing strangers by boring them with your trivial anecdote. Jeff Goldblum, on the other hand, should go on a speaking tour to delight and charm the masses with the story of his first date with his wife, who he proudly brags to be a contortionist.

On Friday, Goldblum told his entertaining story on The Graham Norton Show and it is so Jeff Goldblum. Goldblum, dressed in a shimmering turtleneck, appeared on the hugely popular British talk show to promote Thor: Ragnarok.

The eccentric Hollywood actor first politely offered the guests and Graham Norton a throat lozenge before he explained his first date with wife and it was a better first date story than yours.

Goldblum’s wife is Emilie Livingston, who is a Canadian Olympic dancer, aerialist, three-time national champion of Canada and the 1999 Pan-American champion in rhythmic gymnastics, and contortionist. She was also a body double for Rihanna as well as Emma Stone in the film La La Land.

Goldblum saw his future wife and invited her to watch him play the piano at a jazz show with Grammy award-winning singer Gregory Porter. While playing the piano, the 64-year-old actor invited Emilie, who was also a magician’s assistant, on stage and she gladly performed contortionist moves on his piano while he tickled the ivories and sang a song with her name in it. Jeff Goldblum is a charmer.


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