NBA Fans Dunk On Jeff Van Gundy’s Game 5 Commentary En Masse With Glorious Memes

jeff van gundy

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  • NBA fans took issue with Jeff Van Gundy’s commentary during Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers staved off elimination, beating the Phoenix Suns 116-102.
  • Game 6 will be played in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

This year’s NBA Playoffs represent the most basketball I’ve watched in literal years. Maybe it’s because we’re finally free of all those seasons where the Golden State Warriors meeting the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals was a foregone conclusion. Hell, maybe it’s because I suffered through a year-plus-long pandemic and am simply craving any mass expression of human emotion that I can get my hands off. Maybe it’s cause I’m a single dude with a wicked gambling habit. Actually, the why of it isn’t really important — the fact is that I’ve been watching more NBA than ever and it’s been a blast, especially as the various superteams have fallen by the wayside.

That said, even as a newfound NBA fan (well, not technically “newfound”, as I used to crush basketball back in high school and college), I’m well aware of the disparity between TNT’s coverage and ESPN’s coverage. In fact, I actually find myself legitimately annoyed when I realize the night’s game is one the latter channel instead of the former.

I’m certainly not alone in that regard, as basketball fans were absolutely laying into former NBA head coach and current ESPN color commentator Jeff Van Gundy for some of his opinions during Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns, particularly his hot takes about Paul George (who put up 41 points, 13 rebounds and six assists to help the Clippers stave off elimination):

The Western Conference Finals will continue with Game 6 in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 30. As for the Eastern Conference Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks — who leads the series 2-1 — will take on the Hawks in Atlanta tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST.