Of Course Bill Gates’ 21-Year-Old Daughter Jennifer Is Really, Really Good At Something

jennifer gates bills daughter horseback riding

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When your dad is Bill Effing Gates it’s pretty safe to say that (a) you’ve inherited a lot of intelligence, (b) you’ve also inherited a lot of wealth, and (c) if you find a passion in life then you have a pretty good shot at being very good at it thanks to (a) and (b).

Such is the case for one Jennifer Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates’ 21-year-old daughter. Jennifer, a senior at Stanford University, has chosen horseback-riding, and showjumping in particular, as her particular passion.

This passion for horseback-riding, according to BornRich.com, which says that Jennifer herself is worth around $20 million, led her pop Bill to drop $1 million in rent on a mansion near the site of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Palm Beach, Florida. (They have a picture of it and it is insane.)

Occasionally, Jennifer competes against other kids of rich, famous people like Tom Selleck and Michael Bloomberg, as well as Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica.

In fact, Jennifer Gates competes so well against these and other riders that her dad Bill announced on his Instagram account that she recently became a national champion.

Shocker, huh? Who would have ever guessed that one of Bill Gates’ kids would turn out to be super successful at something?



Yes, life is prettay good when you’re the kid of the richest man in the entire world.


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