Jennifer Lawrence Guest Hosted ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ And The Entire Thing Was Absolutely Funny AF

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Jennifer Lawrence Guest Host Jimmy Kimmel

YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jennifer Lawrence was Thursday night’s guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live and as far as I am concernd Kimmel can just stay wherever he’s at because J-Law absolutely killed it in pretty much every way that she could have.

It began with a funny little bit where Lawrence, who loves to curse (and we love her for it), came to the realization that she wasn’t going to be able to drop F-bombs during the show…

Next, Lawrence did the obligatory monologue, which wasn’t horrible, but eventually ended up with her taking to the streets to ask random strangers to name five movies that she has appeared in…with very mixed success. A few were able to name five films, most notably Guillermo, but others struggled including a dad who has no idea who he is talking to and a woman who is a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston. (Who isn’t?)

Then, finally, the big moment of the show was when Lawrence got to sit down and fangirl over the star of her favorite TV show, Kim Kardashian.

And while I, and many of you, are certainly not fans of KimKSuperstar, the interview was absolutely entertaining as hell as at one point they talked about how drunk Lawrence was when she came over to Kris Jenner’s house for dinner and at some point in the evening Lawrence ended up naked in Kim’s closet.

Lawrence also brings up Reggie Bush (Kim’s ex), which Kardashian sister lost her virginity first, the weirdest thing Kanye does, and if Kim has spoken to O.J. Simpson.

Such a good interview…

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