Monday’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Episode Has Leaked And You Will Be Ecstatic Or Angry As James Holzhauer Nears Winnings Record

James Holzhauer one million dollars jeopardy


James Holzhauer has won every game of Jeopardy! since appearing on the game show on April 4, 2019. During his incredible winning streak he has destroyed the competition with his high-money bets and his aggressive strategy. Going into next week’s episodes, Holzhauer has a chance to break Ken Jenning’s winnings record. The anticipation for the upcoming episodes is at such a fever pitch that someone leaked Monday’s Jeopardy! episode.

Going into Monday’s episode, Holzhauer has won $2,382,583 in regular-season prize money, sitting only behind the all-time record holder — Ken Jennings and his monstrous $2,520,700 bank. Holzhauer is only $138,117 away from Jennings’ record, which James could do in an episode or two with his high-betting style of play. Holzhauer has amassed his fortune by winning 32 straight games, whereas it took Jennings 74 games to earn his winnings in 2004.

Holzhauer, who is a professional sports bettor in real life, set the Jeopardy! record for single-game winnings by collecting $110,914 on April 9. Holzhauer holds at least the top 10 records for single-game winnings.

So does Holzhauer continue his remarkable winning streak? Does Holzhauer become the all-time greatest Jeopardy! player by dethroning Ken Jennings? Well, if you really want to know, we can tell you because Monday’s episode of Jeopardy! has leaked online. But do you really want to know? Don’t you want to watch the episode on TV and find out when everyone else does? No? Okay, here we go. Here come the Jeopardy! spoilers!

Alleged video from Monday’s highly anticipated Jeopardy! episode has leaked on the internet. And according to the video clip, Ken Jennings will remain the all-time best Jeopardy! winner.

The video clip shared on Twitter shows Monday’s Final Jeopardy where Holzhauer finds himself in an unfamiliar position — losing. The 34-year-old Holzhauer trails his competitor Emma Boettcher by $3,200.

Holzhauer presented the correct question for the final answer, “Who is [16th-century English playwright] Kit Marlowe?” However, Holzhauer did not bet his typical high-money value for the answer. Holzhauer only wagered $1,399 to bring his total from $23,400 to $24,799.

Boettcher, the money leader going into the final answer with $26,600 in the bank, took a page out of Holzhauer’s playbook and bet a whopping $20,201. She also answered correctly to bring her total to $46,801. You could hear the audience and Alex Trebek gasp at seeing the champ get knocked out.

James was awarded $2,000 for finishing in second place on Monday, bringing his gigantic total winnings to $2,464,216 over the course of winning 3s straight games and losing on the 33rd game. Still not a bad payday for three months of work.