Jerry Jones Bizarrely Drops A ‘Glory Hole’ Reference On ESPN’s First Take

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Jerry Jones has once again made another “glory hole” reference.

On Thursday’s edition of ESPM First Take, Jones decided to talk about working hard and seeing the “glory hole.”

“I can’t tell you how many times in my life when I’ve had it handed to me in a lot of different, but I went back to work, got up on Monday morning, and there it was, glory hole.”

This is the second time Jones has used the glory hole reference in the past while talking about the Cowboys.

“For me, it’s a reminder,” “I, too, have been here 23 years. And it is a reminder I’ve been here when it was glory hole days, and I’ve been here when it wasn’t. And so, having said that, I want me some glory hole.”

It’s clear Jones doesn’t know the sexual connotation of glory holes, but that didn’t stop fans from making jokes.