Jessica Alba And Steve-O’s Twitter Accounts Were Hacked And Spread Deplorable Messages

jessica Alba and Steve-O trending on Twitter after their Twitter accounts were hacked.

Getty Image / Gareth Cattermole / Staff

When you see B-list and C-list celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Steve-O trending on Twitter you assume the worst. When Jessica Alba and Steve-O were trending this weekend most looked into the situation and responded with “My Heart” Denzel Washington GIFs after finding out that the two celebrities were still alive.

Over the weekend, the Twitter accounts of celebrities Jessica Alba and Steve-O AKA Stephen Gilchrist Glover were hacked. Their Twitter accounts posted toxic and deplorable messages that alarmed many fans.

Jessica Alba’s Twitter was hacked with atrocious homophobic and racial messaging.

Steve-O was targeted by hackers with awful and racially insensitive messages, which included Drake’s “butthole.”

Fans remarked on how of all of the celebrity Twitter accounts to hack, that hackers chose Steve-O from Jackass.

On the glass-half-full side, at least these two celebrities are still alive and are trending.

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