Jimmy Fallon Reportedly Picked Up A Family’s $1,000 Dinner Tab In The Hamptons Because He Liked Their Vibe

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Jimmy Fallon is estimated to be worth a cool $35 million. He will never have to worry about money for the rest of his days if he doesn’t invest in a car wash or partner up with Antoine Walker. The 43-year-old comedian seems by all standards to be as rich in character as he is in financial wealth–donating to various charities that include the Alzheimer’s Association, Food Bank of New York City, and Stand Up To Cancer, to name a few.

Fallon has made headlines for his latest philanthropic endeavor by picking up the tab of a family in need, a family dining in South Central Los Angeles The Hamptons. Okay, the family definitely wasn’t in need, but a good deed is a good deed.

While at dinner with his wife Nancy Juvonen at Il Mulino in the Hamptons on Monday, Fallon approached a nearby family of four.

A source told Page Six,

“He said he appreciated how happy” the group looked “and how they were ‘enjoying each other’s company,’ ” the source said.

“He said the ‘good vibe’ made him happy and he wanted to pay for dinner.”

The late night host reportedly paid for the family’s $1,000+ dinner bill before leaving the restaurant with his wife.

Let this be a lesson for any of you who happen to be dining at the same establishment as Jimmy Fallon: laugh gregariously, high five each other from across the table, and yell things out like “God Cheryl, you are one hot ticket!” And if Jimmy doesn’t take notice, you have my permission to approach his table and confront him for being blind to your ‘good vibes.’ Worth a shot.

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