Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute To Brooklyn Bartenders By Asking Them Ridiculous Questions About Bartending

Jimmy Kimmel has been filming Jimmy Kimmel Live all week from Brooklyn. Jimmy Fallon’s taken the week off of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and I’m wondering if this was planned ahead of time so that Kimmel wasn’t stepping on Fallon’s toes while bringing his show to the East Coast for a week…I’m getting sidetracked…

Jimmy was born and raised in Brooklyn, so him bringing Jimmy Kimmel Live back to BK each year is a homecoming for Kimmel and a chance to reconnect with family, friends, and a lot of celebrities he doesn’t have access to over in Los Angeles. But this isn’t about celebs, this is about the bartenders of Brooklyn.

Kimmel sat down with a handful of bartenders from Brooklyn to shine the light on an underappreciated profession. The bartenders and mixologists who craft our cocktails while listening to us commiserate don’t get nearly as much thanks and praise as they once did. This is just one of the many bizarre topics that Kimmel grilled the bartenders on in this segment from last night’s show.

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