Joey Bada$$ Mysteriously Cancels Concerts After Bragging About Staring At The Eclipse Without Glasses

Joey Badass

YouTube / Joey Bada$$

Rapper Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter the morning of the solar eclipse to brag about how he was going to stare at the eclipse without glasses. His rationale was that he’s stared at the sun before and saw colors for the rest of the day and that people have started at eclipses throughout history so why shouldn’t he? He sent out two tweets about this:

Joey’s currently on tour, and it appears as if staring at the eclipse might’ve been a factor in this next tweet. My colleague Doug wrote about the after effects of staring at the eclipse, and Joey Bada$$ sent out this tweet 26 hours after staring at the eclipse…There’s no guarantee that the eclipse caused this, but….

I get it, Mr. Bada$$. I’ve stared at the sun before too back when I was in Elementary School and my eyes were probably much more capable of withstanding damage than they are now. The urge to stare at the eclipse without glasses was strong. Those glasses were the bane of my existence. They fucking sold out everywhere in my hometown two weeks before the eclipse and I couldn’t find a pair anywhere. I wanted to stare into the eclipse without glasses just to catch a glimpse but, you know what? I’m not stupid enough to ignore the warnings from the experts.

Wherever he is and whatever the cause of his ailments might be, I wish Joey Bada$$ a speedy recovery so he can get back on tour A$AP. (h/t ABC)

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