I Hope You Got Your Ears On Good Buddy Because John Cena’s About To Teach You Some Trucker Slang

John Cena explains trucker slang

Vanity Fair / YouTube

John Cena’s a man of many talents. He’s a pro wrestler, rapper, actor, and I guess it’s safe to start calling him a mogul. I saw Blockers in the theaters a few months ago which was pretty much American Pie but instead of dudes trying to get laid it was the daughters making a pact, and instead of the film focusing entirely on the ones trying to have sex the focus was mainly on the parents who were out to cockblock them.

Next up for John Cena is an animated TV series on YouTube Red titled Dallas & Robo where he’ll co-star with Kat Dennings as space truckers traveling through the universe in search of work. The show premieres today, May 30th, and to hype up the animated series up John Cena’s hopped on camera for Vanity Fair where he’s explaining ‘trucker slang’. Trucker slang is the language used by dudes driving 18 wheelers on highways all across the nation who communicate via CB Radio.

If you’re looking for some more trucker slang, you can actually find a complete list of all CB Radio slang HERE on Wiki where they’ve got a constantly updating list of this peculiar language.

It’s kind of a bummer that John Cena’s new project is animated because he seems perfect for playing a real-life trucker, doesn’t he? Throw him in a shirt with the sleeves cut off, give him a trucker hat and some jorts (which is his normal outfit) and he plays the part perfectly.

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