John Mayer Debuts ‘Drone Shot Of My Yacht’ Song Making Fun Of Billionaire David Geffen’s Yacht Pic

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Sundays nights always carry a certain anxiety and existential dread, even in the best of times.

Lately, when there’s no reason to change out of sweatpants and all the days of the week run together in a shelter-in-place blur? That same existential dread is put amplified 100x.

For the last year or so, John Mayer has tried to soften the blow of Sunday nights with his Instagram live show, Current Mood. For the past couple weeks, he’s rebranded it The Gentle Hours – inspired by the time of day when the world seems to wind down for the evening; when the news cycle doesn’t smack you in the head with another depressing blow for the day.

The show is part goofball talk show, part free group therapy session, with tens of thousands watching and interacting every week. Diplo, Guitar Center, and Eric Kranso chirp in on the chat. Dave Chappelle is a reoccurring guest.

Self-care is the common theme. This past week’s show used a parallel circuit breaker analogy for how to keep oneself together

“This is how I cope. A parallel circuit. If one goes down, the current can still flow through. This is how I’ve learned to cope.”

And, occasionally, there’s a lighthearted moment of musical brilliance. This week, for example, Mayer made fun of billionaire David Geffen’s tone-deaf yacht pictures promoting social distancing.

Read the room, ya know?

In fact, Mayer even wrote a yacht rock song about it. Introducing “Drone Shot Of My Yacht,” the most catchy meme song to come out of the social distancing era.

And here’s a better version:

Would love to see this exist as its own track some day, complete with a late ’70s style yacht rock music video.

You can watch the full show here:

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